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Jan Kůrka

Jan Kůrka Chief Engineer


The process of construction of high-speed train air channels. Siemens was looking for an experienced manufacturer for supplie of components for 200 trains to the Russian market. Wagons had already been designed in a separate project, but the production requirement was to create a complete engineering solution. DIOSS engineers led by Mr. Kůrka and the project manager responsible for the contract transformed the visions of the train designer and the client's assignment into the form of thousands of drawings, which went through several levels of a validation cycle and finally reached the form of the approved production documentation within a one-year process. Since then, DIOSS has been supplying a set for wagons once per month and the engineering department is preparing for another project. You have doubts about your production assignment? Turn to experts in the company DIOSS.


Peter advanced from working with a trowel to signing multimillion crown contracts, which the DIOSS community and system gave him the possibility of realising. Now he deals with technical specifications of feasibility of architectonic visions of clients. The beginning of each business story is an abstract artistic vision, which the client can create by means of 3D visualisation software. The way to realise often very wild visions is to come up with ideas of how to technologically realise them. For example SPA in the Swiss Davos or HYPOBANK in Munich and the shopping centre SKY KEY Zürich. The end of each story are real buildings worthy of admiration. Admiration of the resourcefulness of the architect, courage of the investor and technical expertise of the company DIOSS. The technician Mr. Zajíc knows how to do it. Is a vision feasible? Can it really be realised technologically? Is it economically feasible? Just ask, we will suggest technology, buy machines, manufacture tools and fixtures, and we will certainly find the right solution for your visions.

Petr Zajíc

Petr Zajíc Sales Manager

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